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Glaucoma treatment

Glaucoma treatment

Nowadays many people suffer from different diseases. One among the most widespread is glaucoma, a specific ocular disorder. Glaucoma is a disease of the main nerve of vision, called optic nerve, which is the cause of the optic nerve damages. This kind of nerve carries the images from retina exactly to the brain: nerves receive the impulses and transmit them to the brain. It helps us to see. The intraocular pressure (also known as elevated pressure in the eye) plays huge role in damaging the nerve fibers of the optic nerve. It can be noticed when glaucoma comes. In that moment, when huge quantity of nerve fibers has been damaged, the blind spots appears in the field of vision.

Often happens that people don`t notice this disease until that moment, when many of optic nerves have been already damaged. It can be a cause of visual loss or even a blindness.

What should you? How do you get to know that this disease comes up you? Firstly, you need to overlook the symptoms of different typed of glaucoma to prevent its development. Then, the more one necessary option is to consult glaucoma specialist (Chicago).

There are main types of glaucoma, such as:

  1. Developmental;

It a special type of glaucoma (also known as congenital glaucoma), which appears in the babies or children. They are:

  • Watery eye;

  • Cloudy appearance;

  • Expanding eyes;

  • Squint;

  • Photophobia;

  • Unstable movements of the eyes.

2. Acute angle-closure;

This type appears and has rapid development. More often, it has severe symptoms. They are:

  • Headache;

  • Misty vision;

  • Intense pain;

  • Tender eye area;

  • Eye redness;

In a case, when this disease progresses rapidly, it causes loss of vision one or even two eyes.

These above-mentioned symptoms are inconstant. What does it mean? They can appear and disappear time to time. However, the level of damages is only rising up.

  • Chronic open-angle;

It develops very slow, that`s why, there are no highlighted symptoms of this type of disease. The first steps of visual loss are not be noticed.

  • Secondary;

Different things can cause it, such as:

-Injury of eyes;


-Misty vision.

It is necessary thing to take care of health, especially of the eyes. More often, age can cause eye detaches or visual loss. Therefore, if you notices some symptoms, mentioned above, you must consult the glaucoma specialist (Chicago) to avoid the sequela.

Don`t let anything happen to you. Be in a good health and enjoy your life.



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